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At Baloníssmo in Évora, you can take to the sky, starting from two people. It’s a fun workout to help get the balloon ready for travel before taking off. Nelson, the pilot, speaks his languages ​​fluently, including Dutch and English. This is an overwhelming experience in a unique landscape that will stay with you forever.

Ballooning Evora

Starting at Alegrete and Esperança you can ride a mountain bike trail of 11 or 16 km in the natural park. The region’s small secondary roads are perfect for quiet bike rides which mostly require no strenuous effort. You’ll see amazing landscapes, drive past castles and through picturesque whitewashed villages. (A bicycle helmet and yellow vest are mandatory in Portugal.)

You can also take beautiful walks on the various signposted routes in this part of the Alentejo. The paths are often set out in such a way that they run completely or partly through a protected nature reserve. The walking routes have inviting names such as the ‘coffee smugglers path’, ‘along waterways’, and ‘the fountain route’. They vary in distance between 5 and 35 kilometers. It is the ideal way to discover our region, nature, and it’s endearing inhabitants in a very intense way.

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